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Unique labels for all your denim making needs

Have you been sewing a pair of jeans? Me too! After learning to sew about 8 years ago in a wonderful sewing course, lockdown in Melbourne, Australia was the push that I needed to get me to tackle my first pair of jeans. 

I found myself wanting to sink my teeth into a more involved sewing project, something that would take some time, keep me occupied and get me learning new techniques.  I bought a pattern, did a few toiles to get the fit right (so hard!) and ended up with a wearable pair of jeans – yeah! But, what about the finishing touches? Back pocket design…check, jeans buttons…check, leather label…no, I couldn’t find one, solution – make one!

I had some leather and leathercraft tools from a few leather bags and sandals that I had previously made so I started experimenting to see what I could come up with.  Currently living in Australia meant that I definitely had to try some kangaroo leather, it’s a beautiful material.  Many many tests later, with different kinds of leather, using diverse techniques, I had a custom label to sew on my jeans and lots of designs running around in my head.  

Would you, my fellow sewists, also appreciate a leather label for your projects? Something that gives your makes a personal touch? Hopefully!  

From Sydney, LaVern Leather is born, giving you the opportunity to add that special finishing touch to your makes too.  Why now reward yourself? Each label is handcrafted for you from quality vegetable tanned cow leather or kangaroo leather so you can add your own custom touch to your beautiful makes.

Hopefully you will enjoy using my labels as much as I enjoy creating them!

To see all my designs, click here to go to my Etsy store.

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