Shipping and return policy
How long will it take to process my order?

Orders are usually dispatched 1-3 days after the order being placed.


Free shipping within Australia!

For international customers, I ship worldwide, however please keep in mind that there are currently long delays in postage due to Covid.

Kangaroo leather products cannot be shipped to California. Any orders from California for Kangaroo leather will be cancelled and refunded.

Please note that for international orders, the buyer is responsible for their own country’s customs fees, duties, handling fees etc. 


As each label is handcrafted specially for you, I am unfortunately unable to offer refunds.

How can I make a purchase?

If you would like to make a purchase, you can do so through my Etsy store

Are the labels machine washable?

Yes, wash at 40 degrees or less on a gentle or hand washing cycle. Flatten out the label before air drying.
Do not put in the dryer.

How can I sew the leather label to my garment?

**Each order comes with a remnant piece of leather for your to practice sewing with**
1. Take your time and line everything up well, don’t use pins! Wondertape is great for holding your leather in place.
2. If you have a teflon presser foot, use it!
3. Set your stitch length to around 3.5mm (like you would for topstitching). You shouldn’t need a special leather needle, I’ve used my denim needle without issues (on 10.5oz demin). However, this will depend on your machine and the thickness of your material so use the test piece of leather!
4. Stitch a line along the top or the bottom or around all 4 sides.

Can I hand Sew the label?

Remove your thread and bobbin thread from your machine and ‘sew’ a line on the leather, along the top and the bottom (just on the leather without the denim underneath). This will perforate your stitch line on the leather and allow you to easily hand sew your label in place.

Where are you based?

I am currently based in beautiful Sydney, Australia

How do you get the designs on the leather?

I use a pyrography machine to hand draw each of the designs on the labels

What is pyrography?

Pyrography is the free hand art of decorating wood or other materials (in this case leather) with burn marks using a heated metal pen.